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Pray For Your Pastor's Spouse




1.     Father, I pray that ________________ loves You with all her/his heart, soul, mind, and strength; that Your Spirit works in her/his heart in power, and that she/he values and follows biblical priorities. (Deut. 6:5; Matt. 6:33)


2.      Lord, I pray that ___________ cultivates strong character and uncompromising integrity; that her/his testimony is genuine, and that she/he guards her/his heart.
(1 Tim. 1:5; 3:7; Prov. 4:23)


3.    Father, I pray for _______’s personal walk with You—that her/his soul and spirit is nourished and strengthened in her/his times with You; that she/he studies to show herself/himself approved unto You, rightly dividing the Word of truth. (2 Tim. 2:15)


4.      Holy Spirit, help ________ counsel and teach with discernment through the wise use of Scripture and faith in God’s power. (Ps. 119:99; James 1:5-6)


5.    Father, protect _______’s marriage and keep it strong as a model of the Church’s   submission to Christ. I pray that Pastor _____ and _______ respect and practice godly submission. (Eph. 5:23-33)


6.     LORD God build a hedge of protection around her/his marriage, and that she/he and her spouse are aware of the potential for any improper relationships. Let their family time be protected. (Matt. 19:6; Prov. 31:11a; 2 Cor. 10:4-5)


7.     Lord, protect ________ from discouragement and bitterness when Pastor or her/his spouse faces inevitable criticism. I pray that ______ will trust in the wisdom of the Word of God to answer her/his critics, and commit herself/himself into the hands of God, who judges righteously. (Heb. 12:15; Ps. 119:42; Col. 4:6; Prov. 31:26; 1 Pet. 2:23)


8.     Holy Spirit, help ______ remember truth and practical principles from the Word of God during times of trial. I pray that the Scriptures bring her/him comfort and the Word is her/his delight and song when circumstances are tough. (Ps. 119:28, 52)



9.     Father, I ask that You protect ______ from the evil plots of Satan; that she/he is corrupted as she/he rubs shoulders with the world.
(John 17:15; Isa. 54:17; Ps. 91:9-11)

10. Father, I pray that _________ is morally pure and that she/he wears the armor of God so that she/he will not fall into sexual temptation.  Guard _______’s heart concerning the use of free time, and that she/he is especially discerning in her/his use of emails, the Internet, television, and other media. (Rom. 13:14; Eph. 6:10-18)

11. Father, bring godly friends and encouragers to ______ and her/his family, to strengthen them for the ministry and to provide meaningful fellowship, accountability, and times of rest. (Ps. 55:14; 119:63)


12. Father, I pray that _______ is a woman/man of prayer and worship, and that she/he will lead by example—teaching women/men how to walk in a close relationship with the Father. (1 Thes. 5:17; Acts 1:14a; Mark 1:35; Matt. 4:10; Titus 2:4-5)


13. ____________ is a busy woman/man. I pray that she/he makes wise lifestyle choices in order to protect her/his health, especially in the areas of exercise, eating moderately, and getting sufficient rest. I pray for times of relaxation and renewal to balance the stress of ministry. (Rom. 12:1-2; 1 Cor. 9:27; 6:19-20; 10:13; Prov. 31:17)


14. Lord, I pray that _______  focuses on the Word of God and walks by faith in the fear of the Lord—rather than the fear of man; that she/he does seek acceptance from others or compare herself/himself with them, but that she/he discovers true freedom in her/his position in Christ. (Prov. 19:23; 31:30; Heb. 11:6; 2 Tim. 2:15; Ps. 119:45; Eph. 1:3-12)


15. I pray that ________ cooperates with her/his spouse in providing godly leadership in their home, not based on fear of what others will think, but according to scriptural truth. (Eph. 6:4; Col. 3:20-21) (If your pastor does not have children, pray that God will give her/him many “spiritual children” as she/he shares the truth of God’s Word.)


16.  Father, I pray that ______’s children are taught of the Lord and experience His peace; that the pressures of the ministry does discourage or embitter them. (Isa. 54:13)


17. Father, let ________ be an example of contentment, thankful for God’s supply; let her/his sufficiency be in God’s abounding grace. (1 Tim. 6:6, 8)


18. Father God, I ask You to provide for the financial needs of my pastor and his family. I pray that __________ is a wise steward in caring for her/his family and using funds entrusted to her/his care; that her/his heart is turned away from selfish gain and worthless things. (Phil. 4:19; Heb. 13:5; 1 Tim. 6:11; Ps. 37:25; 119:36-37)


19. I pray that _______l uses time wisely, seeks God’s perspective for her/his schedule and priorities, and guards against unnecessary interruptions; that she/he seeks and obeys God’s will, rather than trying to meet everyone else’s expectations. (Eph. 5:15-16; Col. 4:5; Ps. 90:12; Prov. 31:27)


20. Holy Spirit, remind _____ of the hope and refuge God offers her/him each day. I pray that ______ is encouraged in God, knowing that He is a firm, secure anchor for her/his soul. (Ps. 9:9-10; Ps. 42:5; 71:14; Heb. 6:19a)


21. I pray that ______is  wise in her/his conversations, choosing her/his words carefully to encourage respect for her/his spouse and the church, and to edify her/his sisters/brothers in the Lord; that she/he knows how to respond to gossip, and that she/he will always speak with kindness and compassion. (Prov. 21:23; 31:26; 1 Pet. 3:10; Prov. 11:13)


22. I pray that ________ serves others with God’s agape love and encourages them with His wisdom and compassion. (Gal. 5:13b; Phil. 2:3-4; Prov. 31:20)


23. I prayfor spiritual unity between the pastor’s spouse and others in the church—especially other staff members’ spouses; that the enemy will not be allowed to create divisions, strife, or misunderstanding in any way. (Rom. 14:19; 1 Cor. 12:25)


24. I pray that ________ is clothed with strength and dignity; that she/he has a gentle and gracious spirit, and represents the Lord well as His ambassador. (Prov. 31:25a; 2 Cor. 5:20a; 1 Pet. 3:4)


25. I pray that ___________seeks God for personal revival and revival in our church and community; that she/he quickly repents when she/he sins or strays from her/his Good Shepherd’s side, and that she/he learns the will and ways of God. (2 Chron. 7:14)


26. I pray that _______ thinks biblically—with the mind of Christ—and practices the expression of her/his faith with boldness in places of influence. (Ps. 119:46)


27. Ipray that _______ earnestly seeks God’s will and is committed to instant and complete obedience—ready for God to work powerfully in and through her/his life and ministry. (1 Sam. 15:22; 2 Cor. 10:3-5; Luke 9:23-24)


28. I pray that _______ strives for personal excellence, and will believe God to accomplish His will in her/his life. (Dan.5:12,14;6:3)


29. I pray that ________ is a woman/man of faith and passionate love for God, not giving in to worries, fears, or an uptight and anxious spirit.
(1 John 4:18; Prov. 3:5-6)


30. Ipray that the Word is _______’s counselor, and that she/he serves the Lord with gladness, and encourages others to worship with a joyful, surrendered spirit. (Isa. 61:3; Ps. 119:24)


31. I pray that ________ is humble and authentic in her/his faith, not given to pride or hypocrisy; that she/he has pure motives and gives God glory for every gain or victory. (Mic. 6:8; Gal. 6:14; John 7:17-18; 1 Cor. 10:13)


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